Simple Tips for Making the Waffle Mix Recipe at Home

Everybody loves to eat crunchy waffles at any time of the day. Be it your breakfast time or lunch time, people never say no to waffles. Waffles are enjoyed by every age group as they are light to eat and can be relished by any type of topping as per one’s choice. The waffles are so easy to make that you can make them at home at any time of the day. The only thing you require is a perfect waffle iron maker and the required ingredients for making the waffle mix. Waffle mix is so easy to make and can be made in few minutes.
So, if you have the required material for making the waffles then go ahead and try one.

In case you have problem making the Waffle Mix, you may follow the below mentioned steps for Waffle Mix Recipe:

Waffle-Recipe-1Ingredients Required for Waffle Mix:

  • 1¾ cup of regular sifted flour
  • 1 tablespoon of baking powder
  • 2 tablespoons of sugar
  • 2 large eggs
  • 1¾ cups of milk
  • ½ cup of melted butter or refined oil
  • 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract


In the big bowl, mix all the ingredients sifted flour, sugar and baking powder. And in other bowl beat the eggs, melted butter, milk and vanilla extract thoroughly. Then start adding the dry ingredients to the wet ingredients spoon by spoon and mix then thoroughly to form a smooth batter without any lump formation. With this your waffle mix is ready for cooking to make yummy and delicious waffles.


Sewing Machine Tips: Make needle easier to thread + Correct the Tension

Today, I want to introduce to you some trick to make your sewing easier. Make sure already have a best sewing machine for beginners, white fluid paper or a mirror. Also, fabric, threads, needles are already prepared.

Tip 1: How to make a sewing machine needle easier to thread.

Method 1: White liquid paper method

It can be difficult to see the precise spot to thread the needle in a sewing machine. This slick little trap will help an extraordinary arrangement.


  1. Acquire some white fluid paper. White is the most effortless color to see.


  1. Paint a little on the axle that holds the foot simply behind the opening of the needle.


  1. Permit to dry before use. This makes a white background that makes it much less demanding to thread the needle.

Method 2: Mirror image method

This method makes utilization of the machine itself on the off chance that you would prefer not to go the inconvenience of painting the axle.


Shift the metal plate that slides in and covers the van and hold it at the back of the needle. Its mirror-brilliance will reflect and amplify, making threading the needle simple. On the other hand, utilize a little makeup mirror.

Tip 2: How to Correct the Tension on a Sewing Machine

Prepared to begin that new sewing project, however, the tension is wrong? Perused the manual on the off chance that you have one, yet in the event that you don’t, read the progressions beneath. On the off chance that tension still isn’t flawless in the wake of doing these strides, go to your local sewing machine shop and there will be experienced individuals there who have the capacity to alter your machines pressure. Sewing machines can likewise be serviced.


  1. Notice that there are two spots to modify the tension.

The dial on the front of the machine is to alter the pressure of the top thread. There is a sink the bobbin lodging (under the footplate) to conform the tension of the bobbin (base) string. Test altering the tension. At the point when the tension is perfect, the join will meet amidst the cloth; the line appears to be identical on top as it does on the bottom.


  1. Start by taking a gander at the stitch by sewing a line on a scrap bit of material.

In the event that the top thread is lying level and the bottom thread is coming directly through, then the bobbin pressure is too free. Fix the sink marginally the bobbin lodging (the minimal metal piece that you put the bobbin into). In the event that the thread is lying level along the base of the fabric and the top thread is going completely through, then the main tension is too free. Ensure that the weight foot is in the brought down position and afterward alter the dial marginally at the front of the machine.


  1. Test the stitch once more.

Continue altering by little additions. Continue testing until the stitch is great.

Do you think that these tricks is great, tell us!


When do you need a hunting knife?

1.What is a best hunting knife?

Best Hunting knife is agut-hook-hunting-knife kind of knife that was designed specifically to use in a hunting game. The uses of it are various, example: preparing food, chop down the trees or even kill the animals. But the most common function of a hunting knife is handling the animal body after you have killed it, like skinning, cutting meat or boning. This is the basic difference between a hunting knife and a hunting dagger: the main function of a hunting dagger is killing animals, but the main function of a best hunting knife is handling a death animal.

2.What makes a best hunting knife become specialized

 The factor that makes a best hunting knife become specialized is the design of it. A best hunting knife was especially designed for cutting, not stabbing, so it usually has the curve portion of edge for skinning and straight portion of edge for slicing meat. Some special hunting knives even have a gut-hook to clean the viscera of the animals.

3.When do we need a best hunting knife?

   >In a hunting game

The “best hunting knife” has already made sense itself by the name. You can infer easily that you will need to buy a hunting knife before joining a hunting game. This idea is correct, a set of hunting knives is the antecedent for a success hunt, because with it, you can handle the death animals faster and it helps to save a lot of time and effort. Besides that, in the jungle, a set of hunting knives will help you a lot when you have to facing with various kinds of obstacle on your way. But as I mentioned above, the function of a best hunting knife is various, and a best hunting knife may be useful in other occasions, not only in a hunting game.

   >In a camping trip

Some big hunting knife can be used to chop down the branch of the tree or clear the grass in an area, which is enough for setting up the tent. These types of hunting knife may be suitable for a camping trip. You can use it to prepare food from the animals, clear glass to set up the tent, and split small logs to make firewood. It’s such a good choice for a camping trip!

   >In a fishing trip

A best hunting knife is not only used to cut animal meat, but also is used to preprocess fish in a fishing trip. You can use a hunting knife to scrape the scale of fishes, remove the organ before putting them into an ice box or cooking them. In this situation, a small hunting knife with a gut-hook is the best choice.

   >In an adventure travel  

A hunting knife will become a useful tool for you in an adventure travel to the outlying areas. With the small dimension, you can easily carry a hunting knife beside, and the various function of it will help you too much. You can use it to find food, create other necessary tools, or even use it to protect yourself in some accidental dangers.


Hunting-knife-GP-Hunter-eAfter reading this article, you are introduced about the general knowledge of the best hunting knife, its design, as well as its uses. You can see easily that a best hunting knife is a powerful and useful tool, which you should carry beside in your outdoor activities, for example: camping, hunting, fishing and adventure travel… So if you are preparing for a hunting game, or any outside activities, do not forget to put a best hunting knife into your luggage. Good luck!

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Secrets To Embroidery Machine Maintenance

As you know, embroidery equipment is expensive, and you must maintain it to keep your valuable business investment in tip-top shape – to keep production, and your bottom line, up. So, in this article, we will share you many things:

– 6 key areas of an embroidery machine that you should be cleaning and maintaining regularly. It’s so simple and easily.

– What you can fix – and when you should call your technician. Let’s start!

Maybe you need: Top of the best embroidery machine reviews 2015 – It helps you have a good choice!

* Machine maintenance tips:

#1.  Have your cleaning supplies on hand – and use them
  • Your job: Thoroughly clean your machine once a month
  • Your tech’s job: Deep-clean your machine once a year.


#2. Clean the pantograph: Keep this area clean to reduce the risk of registration problems.
  • Your job: Clean out the debris every month and re-lubricate
  • Your tech’s job: Inspect the pantograph once a year. The tech should repack all bearings every three to five years.


#3. Inspect your knife area.
  • Your job: Clean and inspect the area once a week.
  • Your tech’s job: Check, and adjust if necessary, the knife blade level and pressure. The tech can replace blades as needed.


#4. Maintain your tensioner assembly.
  • Your job: Deep-clean pre-tension disks every few months. Replace tension felt every few years.
  • The tech’s job: Inspect all check spring tensions. Besides, replace damaged check springs when needed and set tensions on them.


#5. Grease your machine.
  • Your job: Read the manual and understand where to lubricate with grease.
  • The tech’s job: Inspect your machine for over-greasing and remove excess grease when needed.


#6. Flush out your rotary hooks.
  • Your job: Flush out the rotary hook areas every month.


Golf GPS Watch Full Functions


If you are a golf player, then a golf GPS watch may not too stranger with you. It is such a wonderful device, with amazing functions that will help you a lot while playing golf. But beside that, too many functions of a modern golf GPS watch may make new user feel confuse with it.  So in this article, we will review some common and useful functions of golf GPS watch, it may help for those who intend to buy one.

The main function of a golf GPS watch


Shot tracking: this is a very important feature, which allows you to know exactly the information of your shot. With a golf player, the information about the distance, power and the speed of his shot is very precious. With that information, he can adjust his tactics to get advantage in the game. So we can see that, a golf GPS watch supports the player a lot, and it helps to increase the ability to win the game of a player significantly.

Distance and time tracking: Another function was integrated in a golf GPS watch are distance and time tracking. With distance tracking feature, a golf GPS watch will provide information about the distance which player has moved in a round. And time tracking feature will provide the information about the time of a round has passed. These functions give the golf player useful reference information about their match.

Score tracking: this feature will help you to track your score easily. But it has a little inconvenient because you have to import the information of your score manually. Anyway, with this feature, the golf GPS watch will remind you automatically, to import your score when you complete your turn. And after a joyful day, you can go home and connect your golf GPS watch with your computer and download or review your scorecard files easily. One more thing we should mention, that if your golf GPS watch did not remind you to import your score, due to some issue with its software, you still can access the scoring mode and enter your score manually.

Auto-advance feature: this is a useful feature. If you move to the next hole, the system of your golf GPS watch will update the information of the new hole automatically. This feature is default and you cannot turn off it. But do not worry if there are some errors and you need to adjust the information of the previous hole. You still can use “down arrow button” to return to the previous hole and adjust its information. And you even can move to the next hole if you want, by using the “up arrow button”. It’s such a wonderful feature, right?

Course storage: almost current models of golf GPS watch can store a huge quantity of information about the course (around 18000 courses). And this feature will help you feel convenient, because you will not have to select and load the proper course when moving to a new course anymore. And with the huge capacity of memory of your golf GPS watch, you almost do not need to concern about which course you should delete out of its memory. It is quite impressive!

Customization: a modern golf GPS watch provides user various customizations. Such as languages, music, measurement unit, interfaces… With a lot of options, a golf player can adjust and customize his golf GPS watch as his favorite. This feature may help its user to show off something specific, to identify his characteristic, and show off his aesthetic also.

A watch: a golf GPS watch can perform full functions of a normal watch, like showing time and date. But it may be more convenient because the feature: update time and date automatically, it has this feature because it connect directly with the satellites.


Through this article, we could see the most common functions of a golf GPS watch. But please remember, that there are a lot of models, and brands on the market. So, may be in some particular model or brand, it may not have all of the functions above. Therefore, you should find out carefully about the information of a particular brand and model of the golf GPS watch before making a choice. Good luck!

Things to Consider When Buying a Best Belt Sander

Belt sander works with the electric motor fitted with a pair or rotating drums. Over the drum, a continuous loop of sandpaper is mounted for sanding. This is used for sanding surfaces of wood or other materials. It is designed in such a way when the electric motor is started functioning; the two drums also rotate about its axis and the sand paper looped over also move along the direction of the drum movement. A belt sander is easy to use and reduces the work effort, and you can quickly sand the required surface with much ease. Belt sander will give high performance with other woodworking tools like best plunge router.


Type of belt sanders
There two type of belt sanders. One is portable belt sander that are easy to carry to any work area and employed for sanding. The other is bench belt sander, where the belt sander is mounted in a work bench. This is also called as bench sanders since is mounted on a bench. These types of sanders are mainly used in industries and commercial establishments. Professionals such as carpenters and painters are using handheld belt sanders.

Different categories
There are also different categories of belt sanders with variable speed controls. Similarly, the sand paper using on the belt sander also differs depending on the output of the job. Hard surfaced sand papers are using for quick removal and planning, or cleaning of the surface and soft sand papers are using for fine finishing of the surfaces. The sand paper loop can be changed according to the demand and nature of the work out it demands.

Must have a clear idea before buying a belt sander
You need to have a clear idea before you decided to buy the belt sander. The main difference could be based on the type or location where you are going to use the belt sander. If the machine is for your domestic and personal use, naturally you don’t have to buy a heavy duty sander machine. Yes, it must be handheld type one, light weight so that you can carry it to any location where you want to take it.

If you are buying a commercial belt sander for industrial or commercial purpose, it is ideal to go for a bench sander machine. Again that is further to be looked on the nature of your requirement. If you want to use on heavy metal surfaces or non-ferrous metal surface you have to buy stationary belt sanders suitable for such kind of works. Handheld belt sanders, if used on hard metal surface areas, are prone to get clogged. This is because the small grooves in the sandpaper get attracted to the arc of the rotating drum wheel and may get clogged. Bench Belt sanders are designed to protect the equipment from clogging.

Different size of belt sanders
There are 4 standard sizes of best belt sanders are available on the market. They are 3×18”, 3×21”, 3×24” and 4×24”. These measurements are referring to the size of the machine and size of the sand belt is used for the machine. All these machines are available with the variable speed control system. Have a clear idea where you are going to use it. Accordingly you can decide on the type of belt sander ideal for your use.

Select the belt size and power of motor as per the demand of the job
The belt size, power of motor, dust suction etc., are to be selected according to the nature of the job. Wider sander belts can cover larger areas. Narrow belt machine will be having more maneuvering control than larger sander belt machines. If sanding has to be done surfaces that are having corners, then you need to have belt sanding machine with a wider point at one end narrow point at the other end. These types of machines are ideal for furniture and wooden work requirements. Also, for wooden work, it is better to look belt sander machine with removable dust collection bags.

Tips on how to flat iron for black hair

best-flat-ironOur hair grows naturally thanks to the nutriment we provide every day. However, the quality of hair also depends on the health of each person, someone has a good health so their hair is strong but the other has bad health so their hair is dry and iron. Thus, you take a look the following tips to know how to take care of your hair and have a flat hair.

We show you ways of flatting iron black hair from the natural ingredients you easily find. First, we mix egg and almond oil into a mixture. You make hair wet and spread well the mixture in your hair. You massage gently for thirteen minutes and then wash with water. Doing it two a week will supply vitamin E and A, protein getting hair soft naturally and stopping from falling hair.

The second formula is from the coconut first water. The coconut first water is the effective hair-nutriment that not only gets hair soft but also prevents from dandruff and makes hair straight. You express a little bit coconut first water and a few drops of lemon, apply to the wet hair, then cover with a towel within 30-45 minutes, and wash again with water. The coconut water make your hair soft, the lemon removes full of dandruff from the head.

The thirst formula is from cinnamon power: Cinnamon power is also a mysterious ingredient for iron hair. Simply, you just mix cinnamon power into hair-cream and cover your hair after washing. Cinnamon power maintains moisture of hair that makes it stronger. Here is a fast and easy way to flat hair.

The forth formula is from extract of avocado. Taking care of hair with essence of avocado is a more helpful way than ever. You just grind an avocado in a mixture and add a few drops of honey, lemon. Then you apply to your wet hair and cover for 30 minutes before washing.

The fifth formula is from beer. Beer not only gets hair soft but also provides with essential nutriments of buckwheat, which wipes out dandruff, falling hair and makes hair black and soft naturally. This way is very easy; you just shake the bottle of beer for bubbling up and spray in the hair after washing with shampoo. Then you cover for 3-5 minutes before washing with water.

The sixth formula is from olive and egg. The mixture of olive and egg are known as an indispensable ingredient for hair care. However, not everyone knows that these two ingredients can combine into a mysterious substance. Simply, you stir well two eggs with a little olive oil and apply to your hair at least one hour. Then you wash with water.

With all the ingredients from the nature, you can combine and make up many kinds of miracle extracts for your hair. You do not have to buy expensive medicine and cost too much money in salon hair but still possess a natural strong and flat hair as your desire.

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Tips for maintaining the dehumidifier

Dehumidifiers remove moisture from the air to regulate humidity levels in homes. A proper humidity level in your home will reduce the mold growth, cut down on odors and allergens for your family and pets and even reduce damage to woodwork and  furniture. Therefore, the dehumidifier must be maintained and cleaned on a regular basis to keep your home free of excess moisture, dust, and air pollutants. Maintaining them will also help prolong its life and overall performance. However, not all the housewives know maintaining tips for it. Some below advice may be useful:

Placement of the dehumidifier

aintain-a-DehumidifierThe dehumidifier’s function will be affected by the position and the temperature where it is put. The ideal room is 65 degrees Fahrenheit or warmer. Since lower temperatures may cause problems, there are low- temperature dehumidifiers that are designed for these types of climates. About the posotion, it should be kept at least 6 inches from any wall for ensuring a good flow of air (intake and exhaust). If there is something obstructing the airflow, the machine could be working on low performance and end up overheating. Try to not place it near any radiators; the best position is the center such as a corridor, landing area or at the bottom of the stairs.

Humidistat adjustment

The humidity level in a room should be between 40 and 50 percent. If  set too low, the  dehumidifier will have to work continuously and extract too much moisture from the air. It may create an uncomfortable environment, as well as damage furniture. On the other hand, setting the humidity too high will leave too much moisture in the air and fail to fix your humidity problem.

Compressor protectionh94Ske5

Avoid burning the compressor by leaving 10 minutes of pausing after turn the device off.
This short time will cool the machine and re-balance the pressure. To prevent short-cycling from occurring, look for dehumidifiers that feature an automatic delayed start function to protect the compressor from short-cycle damage.

Filter replacement

Most dehumidifiers are equipped with an air filter to remove harmful airborne particles like dust and other allergens from the indoor environment. The filter not only protects the internal components of the dehumidifier but also ensures efficient operation day after day and creates a cleaner atmosphere. When it is dirty, it must be replaced or wash if impossible. In this issue, users should follow the recommendation set up by the manufacturer.

Clean the water container periodically

When water container is not cleaned regularly with soap and water or a disinfectant, it will be the ideal home for mold and mildew, which will be distributed throughout the indoor air and cause many illnesses. Make sure it always clean to create a fresh environment.

Frost problem

When the device is used in a cool place (less than 60 degrees Fahrenheit), ice and frost can build up in the condenser coils. To avoid it, users need to maintain higher room temperatures. The best way is to buy a dehumidifier with automatic defrost function. These models automatically shut the compressor off when ice is detected while the fan continues running in order to melt frost build-up. Once the ice has melted, the unit resumes operation automatically.

Clean the air intake and the exhaust grills

Dirty grills can cause poor dehumidifier performance. A vacuum brush helps remove  blockages caused by dust and debris and ensures the most efficient operation.

Source: best dehumidifier for basement

Fix low water pressure and try the best kitchen faucet

Fix low water pressure and try the best kitchen faucet

A typical issue in a kitchen spigot is low water weight. With legitimate investigating, most fundamental repairs to the kitchen fixture are very simple. Be that as it may, there may be times when you should bring in an expert. Low water weight in a best kitchen faucet can be brought about by stops up, erosion in the channels, or conveyance weight from the fundamental source. Distinguishing the issue will help enormously in the real repair.

Distinguish the Problem

There are a few approaches to focus why your kitchen fixture has low water weight in particular stopped up spout, low conveyance or kitchen spigot just.

The first is about stopped up spout: Check out the aerator screen on the spigot gush by unscrewing it from the fixture’s end.

The second is about low conveyance: If you have renovated your home and expanded living space and more water apparatuses, you may have diminished your water weight. In the event that you introduce a vast fundamental pipe your low water weight issue ought to be killed.

The third is about kitchen spigot just: If you find that the low weight is just in the kitchen fixture, there is a straightforward solution for settling your low water issue.

Unscrew Aerator Screen

On most fixtures there is a little screen toward the spigot’s end gush where the water turns out. Unscrew the spout by hand and uproot blockage in the screen. You may discover dregs stopping up the screen. Evacuating residue is a minor cleaning venture.

Unscrew the aerator: Disassemble it and absorb the parts a warm water and vinegar arrangement. In the event that the blockage remains, utilize a business calcium remover. Dry the spout, reassemble and reattach to the spigot. When it is supplanted, turn on the fixture to check whether weight has been restored.

Uproot Faucet Head

In a few spigots the cartridge that moves to permit the water to go through can breakdown, or stick. You can without much of a stretch supplant it or free it from things keeping it shut. To uproot the fixture head, discover the screw under the spigot gush. Unscrew it and lift off the spigot head. The cartridge ought to be open. If not, uproot the slim lodging. Clean everything of garbage or calcium. Supplant the slim lodging and spigot head. Attempt the best kitchen faucet again to check whether the water is streaming as it ought to.

Take care of Problem

You may have a development in the channel prompting the spigot. In the event that the funneling is electrifies channeling, it is in all likelihood developed with flotsam and jetsam from age and dregs. You can expel or unscrew the riser from the storm cellar with channel torques. Move down the fitting in the storm cellar so the fitting or pipe joined does not break. With a container and someone else, turn the water on and see what the weight is from the channel that you simply evacuated. On the off chance that it’s great, supplant the piece that you simply uprooted. On the off chance that it’s bad, a re-channel of the whole home will be required.

Which bow should you choosen ?

Which bow should you choose, compound or recurve bow?

How many sport bows are there? And which bow should you choose? Is 2 main questions that you may wonder.

1 .Long Bow

Long bow is the oldest bow, it has a limb of 1,7 meters, diameter get smaller from the inside out, a string connects two ends, arrows are made of wood.

2. Recurve bow

Two ends of recurve bow are bent backwards ,thereby its strength increases extremely. Mongol, Turkish, Hungarian and Korean are famous, renowned warriors with this kind of bow. After a long time, recurve bow is made into 3 pieces for convenience, it’s called a takedown recurve bow, Olympic bow is one of them with some equipment which supports archers to reach highest precision.

3. Compound Bow

Its strength raises when archers only have to use a little strength to pull because of the booster system including pulleys, Cam, cable… Thus, archers only have to focus on the target. Other bows are getting harder to pull, Compound Bow only needs to peak, pulling strength reaches to 20 – 30%. This bow is mainly for hunting, Opympic games does not allow this kind of bow.

For more details and heavy equipment, Compound bow is more expensive, more difficult for maintance maintenance. It’s only popular in producing countries. The look of a compound bow is another disadvantage because it looks rough but makes archers getting bored quickly. Too much support from equipments may make archery less meaningful?

In conclusion, many archers, including experts and teachers, comment that they prefer recurve bow because it’s simple, classic, easy to use… which are features that the other two don’t have.


Which one of recurve bow or Compound bow that you need? Pros and cons of each:

Compound bow or recurve bow? Opympic or Traditional style? Freestyle, target, Aerial or Tactic… archers and enthusiastic people will have to deal with tons of questions. The more you know of about archery, the more confuses you have. I think you may found find your answer here:

  1. Being passionate, patient, silent, enthusiastic and strictly follow the guidance of a coach. They will help you with all their enthusiasm to learn how to use recurve bow or compound bow.
  2. All Archers should start from Traditional recurve bow for a good forming and the actual start of the basic concepts. Training is important for beginners, and it could be hard at first time but you should keep practicing and fixing your position.

When you are familiar with most types of bow and skilled archery, you will start to learn how to shoot with both eyes close, for real, so you can shoot with your heart and mind but not your eyes. Most of amateur archers at this phrase will think that Compound bow is better with small let off pulling strength, right focus and powerful look. But I said above, it’s perfect for hunting, not competing in games such as Olympic. So far, although there are many suggests and arguments all over the world, Compound bow has not been in the Olympic tournament, Compound bow is still the best in hunting because of the compact and the determination.